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Delegate Access

Delegate Files & Links

Exam information for virtual or self paced learning delegates:

Computer based exam information using vouchers (covers those issued by PeopleCert or APMG) – cc-learning-computer-based-exam-information-v8.5

Using PeopleCert exam vouchers on a Windows device –

Using PeopleCert exam vouchers on a Mac device –

Test Link for using APMG exam vouchers on your device –

Using APMG exam vouchers – tech specs – and FAQ’s

Accessories allowed during all exam sittings (paper based in class, computer based using vouchers, and computer based remotely supervised by our trainers) – cc-learning-accessories-allowed-during-exam-sittings-v3

Sample exams:

PeopleCert sample exam papers – access via AXELOS site, requires set up of user login –

APMG sample paper exams – to complete online –

Virtual training:

Zoom flyer – cc-learning-using-zoom

Self paced training:

E-learning flyer – NZ – cc-learning-enhanced-online-learning-v8-0-nzd

E-learning flyer – AUD – cc-learning-enhanced-online-learning-v8-0-aud

E-learning flyer – GBP – cc-learning-enhanced-online-learning-v8-1-gbp

Exam guarantees:

Flyer with pricing and terms – cc-learning-exam-guarantees-v4-0

Post training:

Practitioner Mentoring service flyer – cc-learning-practitioner-mentoring-service-v2-1

For APMG – How to access your digital badge and e-certificate – please see this YouTube clip on how to set up via your APMG Candidate portal profile

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