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G-Cloud 13 Framework Contract Awarded

CC Learning is pleased to have been awarded a Framework Contract for G-Cloud 13.

After being evaluated by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), the bid put forward by CC Learning for G-Cloud 13 was officially approved on 26 August 2022.

CC Learning CEO, Scott Spence said: “We are very pleased to have been successful for the 2nd year in a row in the Crown Commercial Service evaluation of our services and to be able to provide the G-Cloud framework to our customers for our project management microlearning and training automation.”

G-Cloud is a UK Government initiative created in 2012 to simplify the procurement of cloud-based services by encouraging innovation and improved services for UK citizens, allowing customers and suppliers to find each other easily via the Digital Marketplace.

There are several benefits to procuring services through the Digital Marketplace, including:

  • The ability to simplify the procurement process by matching your requirements and budget to a list of preferred suppliers.
  • Access to over 38,000 services, and more than 5,200 suppliers.
  • A high level of transparency, with suppliers’ service information.
  • Easy access to a range of smaller suppliers, and the ability to support the government’s commitment to spend £1 in every £3 with small businesses.
  • Reduced costs and reduced total cost of ownership compared to running your own service in-house.

CC Learning is an international company - with registered companies in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The UK government has just awarded CC Learning the G-Cloud 13 contract, following on from our G-Cloud 12 contract awarded last year.

We have two cloud services that we offer:

  • Project Management Microlearning Learning Management System
  • CourseSales.com Training Management

The Project Management Microlearning Learning Management System is a collection of microlearning courses specifically designed for project managers. It can be delivered to support the Project Delivery Capability Framework (PDCF) from the UK government or other capability frameworks. It comes bundled with both a learning management system and a student management system for automation.

The G-Cloud 13 contract will launch on 9 November 2022 and makes it easy for all UK government departments to purchase from CC Learning the Microlearning that we offer to internal staff, and have this learning content tailored to their own methodology and terminology.

If you are a UK government department and wish to engage CC Learning to use our Project Management Microlearning then please contact scott.spence@cclearning.cc.

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