Classroom Training

Public Courses - Led by our facilitators in person or beamed into one our trusted venues, or in a fully virtual classroom

Our public course dates are available by clicking the blue "Our Courses" button in the top right hand corner of your screen for the latest scheduling; you can filter by certification and level. For a PDF of the schedule for the first half of 2024, please see here.

We have courses led at Host venues or in Virtual classrooms.  Our trainer will be in person at the Host venue (ideally) or "beamed" into a host venue if they cannot travel.  This way we get the best trainer to lead your course from our international selection.

Delegates are welcome to join remotely from their own location (Base option) or if local, upgrade to include attendance at either the Host venue (Add classroom/catering), or if not local, upgrade to include attendance at a Satellite venue (Add classroom/refreshments).  While the host won't be present at the satellite venue, you can still enjoy a suitable training space away from work/home and perhaps with other delegates for a collaborative environment, and see our trainer on the big screen.

We appreciate that you all have different needs and preferences!

Regardless of their location or your location, our facilitator will make your course engaging, effective, enjoyable and an event to remember, for the right reasons!

Certifications on offer

We provide quality certified training in PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, MSP®, P3O®, MoR®, MoV®, MoP®, AgileSHIFT®APMG International Change Management™, Better Business Cases™, APMG International Managing Benefits™, AgilePM® and more. 

Our courses being certified training follow both a  set syllabus provided by the relevant accreditation institute and our accredited materials which interpret this syllabus, preparing your for the exams included. Every opportunity for discussion around specific situations/application will be taken when time allows.

Included in each of our public courses are the interactive classroom training, all the course materials you require including the official guide at foundation level, the necessary exams, pre-course preparation advice and support before/during and after your course.

Please contact us to see if your company has an agreed pricing arrangement with us.

Booking with us for single or multiple delegates

It is easy to book with us.  We use an automated booking system which provides strong administration support so you are prepared and have support before, during and after our training.  For more information on booking onto our public training courses, please click here.  This explains more on booking online and what happens after you book.

If your organization has a minimum of 10 delegates who require classroom training to Practitioner level in a variety of certifications/locations, our Pre-paid training spaces purchase is a great option worth considering saving time and money.  Please click here for more information.

Exam sittings included in Certified courses

We recommend sitting the exams either during the week of the course as scheduled/allowed, or at least by the close of the immediate week following if you are using a voucher. PeopleCert require that you register the voucher by the start of the training to encourage sitting at soonest, and you can become familiar with the requirements for on-boarding of the sitting before you start learning the subject matter.

Your optimal knowledge of the subject will be at its peak immediately upon completion of the training.  Sitting the exam in a timely manner will allay extra stress, allow you to start applying your new knowledge immediately, and keep your career goals on track. If your employer has paid for this training, it will also show diligence and "repay" them by your gaining the certification, not just attending the training.  You can then start planning your next certification.

Please note generally vouchers are valid for up to 6 months from issue in case of changes to course dates or unavoidable sitting delays. We don't recommend waiting that long!

Exam Guarantees

When you are sitting an exam with us while completing our classroom training (trainer led) you are welcome to purchase an Exam Guarantee from us (flyer link here). This works like insurance in that if for some reason you do not achieve the pass mark for the specific sitting, you are welcome to re-attend the next same course virtually before re-sitting this particular exam at no extra cost. Please note that you  must sit the initial exam within one month of course completion. Please contact us for more information.

For purchasing links, please see our webpage -

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