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Classroom Training

Public Classroom Courses – Live or Live Online (virtual)

Our public course schedule is still running!  All courses scheduled until the end of May 2020 were run virtually – in our Live Online format.  Please see this page here for more on this in light of the COVID situation. We have now returned to Live classrooms for most certifications, however those more specialised will run virtually only (Live Online) – this is to keep the course costs down so we can hopefully run these courses for you as scheduled.  Delegates are most welcome to join any Live classroom course remotely from their own location or if local, attend either live or virtually during a course as needed.

Moving forward, we have:

  • Live Classroom courses in set locations with our trainer and delegates in class and remote delegates accessing from anywhere
  • Live Online classes with remote trainer and all remote delegates. These are discounted as we do not have the venue costs to cover.

Our trainers will make your training fun, effective, enjoyable and an event to remember, for the right reasons!

We provide quality certified training in PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, MSP®, P3O®, MoR®, MoV®, MoP®, AgileSHIFT® (NEW)APMG International Change Management™, Bettter Business Cases™, APMG International Managing Benefits™, AgilePM® and more. 

Our courses being certified training follow both a set syllabus provided by the relevant accreditation institute and our accredited materials which interpret this syllabus.  Every opportunity for discussion around specific situations/application will be taken when time allows.

Included in each of our public courses are the interactive classroom training, all of the course materials you require, the necessary exams, full catering including delicious lunches out at local restaurants/cafes to sustain you through any afternoon slump (if attending live), and support before, during and after your course.

It is easy to book with us.  We use an automated booking system which provides strong administration support so you are prepared and have support before, during and after our training.  For more information on booking onto our public training courses, please click here.  This explains more on booking online and what happens after you book.

If your organisation has a minimum of 10 delegates who require classroom training to Practitioner level in a variety of certifications/locations, our Pre-paid training spaces purchase is a great option worth considering saving time and money.  Please click here for more information.

When you are sitting an exam with us while completing our classroom training (Live or Live Online) you are welcome to purchase an Exam Guarantee from us. This works like insurance in that if for some reason you do not achieve the pass mark for the sitting, you are welcome to re-sit the exam at no extra cost. Please click here for more information.


FOR THE LEARNER: Learning is life-long…… so lets become life-long friends……

Building Your Career:

You are learning because you want to improve your job opportunities or do your job better. We want to help you do that too. If you are successful, and we have played a part in that we believe you will remember us and a life long working relationship will ensue. The following information will contribute to all aspects of building your career.

  •     Linked in groups
  •     Introduction sessions on courses
  •     Breakfast events
  •     PMI PDUs
  •     Career pathway
  •     Job offers/advice/site

Giving you Tailored Services:
In all the years we have worked with learners in project, program and portfolio management we have learned what is successful and where we can help you. For that reason we have a range of useful products we believe will make your learning more enjoyable.

  •     Exam guarantees
  •     Book purchases
  •     Reschedule practitioner portion or exams
  •     Private Tutoring / mentoring


Compelling Business Case – It is important that any undertaking has sound business reasoning. As we deliver best practice project, program and portfolio management we are compelled to live and work by this dictum. We are able to suggest measurable ways to ensure your outcomes and ultimately benefits can be guaged. This allows you to prove that the training has delivered a return on investment. We recommend:

  •     A Learning Needs Analysis
  •     A brief, concise yet sound business case with clear outcomes and objectives
  •     A work package for the delivery of training and other items required.

Future Proofing the Learning – Future proofing means a number of things; staying up-to-date with the latest trends, induction of new staff from other organisations who don’t know your organisation way to do things and ensuring that objectives and benefits sought after are actually delivered.

  •     Working alongside your Human Resources department to ensure training now will meet current and future needs
  •     Providing you with mapping tools to know which training any one role should receive to be correctly inducted
  •     Leaving your organisation with learning tools to emphasis the concepts and ideas.

Relevant Learning for Levels of Management – Different levels of management have different jobs to do and need to learn different things. They also place different emphasis on the length of training and the style of training. While there might be many Project Managers who can be trained en-mass in a classroom there is often just one CFO and CEO who may have specific questions and need to know broadly what the concepts are but are not looking for a certification at the project or program management level. We suggest:

  •     Tailoring content where possible to match culture, language and business objectives
  •     Adjusting the mode of delivery to suit the audience, from auditorium style deliver to one on one calls/meetings
  •     Helping perform stakeholder analysis to see if others, outside the organisation also need to be involved.

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