Content Development

CC Learning has extensive experience in creating learning content, and adapting existing learning content. This learning content can be in many forms for multiple modes of delivery. While CC Learning is well known for face to face delivery we also create online content for e-learning environments and accompanying learning content such as risk and management tools to assist people in their working environment. While learning through training is helpful to gain knowledge and executive function applying these executive functions and knowledge is the next stage of workplace based application. This is the level that brings capacity and capability to the organisation - delivering measurable improvements to project success.

Micro e-learning

Customised microlearning modules are bite sized training about specific topics or competencies for learning. We can source from our expertise in management of operations, projects, programs and portfolios. Topics covered in a micro learning module are simple, easy to pick up and measurable. Talk to us about examples of what would work in your environment. Read more now.

UK Government Project Delivery Capability Framework (PDCF)

CC Learning has a long standing relationship with Aspire Europe and Rod Sowden (Owner and CEO of Aspire). Aspire has extensive experience working in the UK government sector and helping organisations there deliver the Project Delivery Capability Framework (PDCF). Using Aspire's materials and your own terminology and ways of delivering projects we can create bespoke materials. Read more here.

Lessons Learned

We glean useful learning content from your staff and your EPMO, through interviews and virtual meetings. We capture lessons learned and expert knowledge on audio and video, using these to generate sound bites, interview news clips and animations to convey the concepts that matter to you. These engagement components are then blended with written content and questions to embed the learning, the modules are then provided to your learning team in the requested format.

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