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For our virtual classes.....

Scott demonstrated that he is an expert on Prince2 and is very knowledgeable. His patience when waiting for us to answer his questions is commendable especially when all he got was complete silence. Scott was very engaging and always asked us if there was any question. That was my first online course and I thought it went really well even though the course subject is a bit intimidating. Not once did I find it (or Scott) boring. Thank you for making my very first online course a hard one to beat, Scott! Everything else was awesome! Jenny was very efficient, and all the course materials arrived on time. I'm sure I've bombarded Jenny with lots of emails (sorry, Jenny) but she was onto it. I can't remember dealing with another admin team that efficient! Thanks, Jenny! You made our preparation for the course and exam seamless!

Delegate attended PRINCE2 Foundation June 2023 Live Online with Scott

Presenter was excellent - it's not easy to deliver training remotely but she was clear and easy to follow, shared a lot of real-life experiences and examples, and kept the group engaged.

Delegate attended MSP Foundation June 2023 Live Online with Kim

Fantastic presentation and style from David. Really appreciated the way he ran the course and kept us all engaged throughout. Great comms and really appreciated the material and information coming ahead of time. Exams - the format, software, customer service were all great. Really appreciated have the exam results come through immediately.

Sian Marek from WSP attended BBC Foundation with Practitioner December 2022 Live Online

David was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, paced the course very well, took into account the needs of everyone on the course, and was very empathetic and helpful when I was feeling unwell - provided great advice around how to deal with this with the exams.  (Materials were) excellent - loved the online version of the MoV manual, so much easier to find things that the physical copy (for me at least). The slides were great, it was very useful having a physical copy of those along with the version David was showing on screen so I could write my own notes. I felt well prepared.

Delegate attended Management of Value (MoV®) Foundation with Practitioner October 2022 Live Online

Sarah was amazing, and made the sessions engaging and very informative and the topics easy to relate to in real life.

Maria Niva, Team Leader Support Services attended PRINCE2 class July 2022 Live Online

Sarah was awesome really enthusiastic and considering it was over zoom it was really well handled. Say a big thank you to Sarah

Department of Internal Affairs delegate attended Change Management February 2022 Live Online

 For our Live classes.....

Excellent course, very enjoyable to be a part of. The varying delivery formats from videos, reading, exercises and quizzes contributed to this. All of the practice tests were very helpful with the quick answer ones really good practice for the live exams. The schedule was followed which was appreciated.

Delegate attended PRINCE2 7th edition Foundation with Practitioner November 2023 Live at Meetings on the Terrace

Scott was a really excellent facilitator. Super helpful and obviously incredibly knowledgeable. I’d absolutely recommend CC learning to other people looking at completing Prince2.

Delegate attended PRINCE2 7th edition Foundation November 2023 Live at Meetings on the Terrace

Everything was perfect! Sarah was amazing, the training style and delivery was pretty bang on.

Delegate attended Managing Benefits Foundation with Practitioner November 2023 Live in Wellington

Scott was great, enthusiastic, engaging and made the course fun (as fun as it could be!). Jenny was lovely and very responsive to my 100 questions. Nice group of people, food was great and location/ venue is very nice.

Delegate attended PRINCE2 Foundation with Practitioner October 2023 Live at Meetings on the Terrace

Gina the trainer has been amazing and super helpful in explaining all of the concepts. The course administration was excellent and very well organised. I have done the foundation paper. The people cert staff and proctors have been helpful so were the support staff.

Delegate attended PRINCE2 Foundation with Practitioner July 2023 Live at Meetings on the Terrace with Gina (virtual)

Gina was fantastic. Easy and understanding manner. Conveyed key messages clearly and was the key reason I was successful in this certification. Strong recommendation to have her present virtually again. Jenny was extremely helpful. Particuarly as I joined the course so late. The workbooks were excellent and certainly helped. This course was definitely bang for buck. A significant amount of information in a short period, but all achievable. I enjoyed it.

Delegate joined virtually into PRINCE2 Foundation with Practitioner July 2023 Live at Meetings on the Terrace with Gina (virtual)

Gina was amazing! The presentation style and delivery was easy to follow and engaging. No question was a silly question, and Gina was always willing to repeat any information to make sure everyone understood key concepts. The course administration was awesome. My place on the course was confirmed promptly and I received the course materials in a timely manner.

Delegate attended PRINCE2 Foundation July 2023 Live at Meetings on the Terrace with Gina (virtual)

Everything was very prompt and received all the information quickly. I was very grateful to have our team coordinator assist me in applying for the course and deal with the financials on our end but she said that she found it very easy to sign myself and a colleague up for the course.  The handbook was really good, and David supplied us with some really great additional material via email as he wasn't able to deliver it in person via a whiteboard. David did a really good job at facilitating virtually, and adding in real life experiences and context really helped me to understand some of the theories that we were discussing.  The pre-course reading felt really long at the time as it was a big chapter, but it was really helpful during the course as I'd already learnt some of what was being covered so understood the theories. The venue and catering were amazing! Everyone at the venue was so kind and helpful, and kept our supply of tea/coffee up to date all day. The food provided was really good too and had such a nice variety.

Amy Richardson, Change Advisor, attended Change Management Foundation with Practitioner March 2023 Live at Meetings on the Terrace with David (virtual)

Sarah made the syllabus very interesting and interactive. We worked at a steady pace and were able to contribute to the discussions and share our thoughts. Had a really fun week and would recommend it to anyone pursuing a Programme Management certification. Pre-course reading was fine and interactions with the group were great. Catering was great, we were spoilt for choice.

Frans Bossert, Manager Development Programmes, Auckland Council, attended MSP class August 2022.

Administration was fantastic, fast responses. Added practitioner course at short notice stage, but was no problem to admin. I found it was a lot to learn so self-learning beforehand was important. Presenter very knowledgeable in area. Catering was good, changed daily, plenty of food. Yes I'd refer you to others. Loved the networking side of meeting others in the same work industry.

Delegate from Hamilton City Council attended APMG International Managing Benefits F&P live class in Auckland with Sarah October 2022.

Enjoyed Scott's presentation style. He had a relaxed style that I enjoyed, and he is clearly very knowledgeable about PRINCE2. Venue and catering were great. It was nice to be in person with people - although it's good to have the virtual option as well for those who need it.

Strategy Leader delegate attended PRINCE2 live class in Wellington October 2022.

Sarah was amazing, she helped us through each topic and gave us some very valuable tips and tricks to tackle the exams and the material. Jenny was very prompt to respond to each query and everything was processed very timely and I received my manual in a day. All the materials, resources, slides, workbooks and handouts were very useful.

Programme Specialist from Auckland Council attended Managing Successful Programmes Foundation and Practitioner live class in Auckland August 2022.

Sarah was an exceptional trainer and conducted the class with ease as she clearly has expert knowledge on the topic. Thank you, Sarah. Excellent learning resources. I initially was unsure about the e-book, however found it really helpful as I progressed through the course. The tests were great too. The course admin was excellent.

Vishaal (Senior Project Manager) attended Managing Successful Programmes Foundation and Practitioner live class in Auckland August 2022.

I thought Sarah was excellent. She was able to relate to great PM examples from across the diverse work areas of students present. Sarah brought good humor and clarity. She attended to the students online as well as in the class. Really appreciated Sarah looking at the camera to engage with us online people. Also that she balanced a variety of learning needs in the class and drew out quiet students. Cross referencing of content and repetitive messaging of key points in different ways was super helpful. A very enjoyable learning experience. Sarah clearly passionate about the subject - this passion was infectious :).
Jenny - you are amazing. Thank you. so prompt and super helpful

Delegate attended Managing Successful Programmes Foundation and Practitioner live class virtually August 2022.

Sarah was very engaging and knew how to read the room and either go into further detail on a topic or move along to the next topic. She took the time to support each attendee to ensure they had a good understanding of the course material. Day 1 was very heavy on theory - it improved from there as more conversations about real world examples were discussed.

Delegate attended Change Management live class June 2022.

I think the trainer was fantastic. She taught the course material so well by the time I got to practitioner I didn't need to use the book for most of the exam. I just remember her clever way of using "Wally" or "buzz" words.

Winnon Brunson Jnr attended Change Management live class June 2022.

Sarah is a wonderful trainer. She simplified a lot of the content so we could easily understand what they were asking or talking about. Sarah was very relatable and down to earth, she was really humorous as well which made the course material much more enjoyable to learn about and fun to do especially after 4pm when my attention span was wearing quite thin and the brain had started to switch off. Sarah's presentation style was great and her delivery was excellent. I would recommend Sarah Ross to anyone who is thinking seriously about doing this course, She is a great teacher.  The pre course reading was pretty good. Interaction with others was great. Location and catering was excellent. I would recommend the prince2 course to anyone who is serious about project management and in particular our presenter Sarah Ross she was just amazing.

Neal Vercoe attended PRINCE2 live class May 2022.

Scott was excellent-he knows his stuff and was able to deal with any question. He has a friendly and engaging manner and ensure all participants get an opportunity to speak and share their views. He makes time for questions.  It is an excellent course, rich in content and concepts. The standard in the course and exams is high and requires a serious approach. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to take part and I will recommend this course to friends and colleagues.

Ashley Seaford, Programme Manager, attended PRINCE2 class May 2022.

It was excellent! Oswin was very kind and knowledgeable and created a very supportive and kind environment. We had a lot of group discussion which really helped embed the learning for me. Great course.

Senior Programme Office Analyst delegate who attended MSP live class with Oswin March 2022.

Excellent trainer with good presentation skills and delivery. Really appreciate the examples - both NZ and International and revision on questions for exam.  I found the pre-course reading material was useful and prepared me for the course. The f2f course was practically useful to learn from the trainer, in a group setting and helped me prepare effectively for the exam.

Community advisor delegate attended PRINCE2 live class with Oswin January 2022.

Trainer was amazing - helped instil confidence and was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.

EPMO coordinator attended PRINCE2 live class with Oswin January 2022.


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  • Confident delivery and subject matter expertise
    Frankly excellent. Sarah Ross presented with so much energy that it kept the momentum of learning going, even through the hard stuff. Without her instruction I don't think I would have passed
    Matthew Bourne
    Commercial and Marina Operations Coordinator
  • Difficult concepts made easy
    The trainer was amazing. Really vibrant and engaging and willing to go above and beyond. Fantastic at explaining concepts that were difficult to understand
    Kirsty Irvine
    Aurora Energy

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