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Delegate Reviews

What our delegates are saying about us…….

“Dennis was excellent. One of the best trainers I have ever had. He managed to break down an incredibly information dense course into manageable concepts and taught them in real world terms. I can’t rate him highly enough.”

Gregor Cunningham, Advisor

“Frankly excellent. Sarah Ross presented with so much energy that it kept the momentum of learning going, even through the hard stuff. Without her instruction I don’t think I would have passed”

Matthew Bourne, Commercial and Marina Operations Coordinator

“One of the best trainers I have seen and experienced. Dennis’s experience in the industry, his wealth of knowledge, his teaching style, tips and ways to apply PRINCE2 in real life, every aspect of the trainer was sinply the best. No dislikes at all!”

Litty Kurian, Project Coordinator

“Great delivery style – was refreshing not looking at slides all day. Dennis made the content very applicable and did not show any signs of vexation with all the questions no matter how banal they were :-)”

Gabrielle Bettany

“Sarah was excellent with her presentation, and delivery. She had a very good memory for detail and feedback from the team. She was clear in her explanation of the course material, using analogies, non-PRINCE2 wording to assist our understanding, without diverting away from the PRINCE2 model. We all passed, despite a lack of confidence in some, so that, in itself, speaks volumes about the quality of her tutoring. Many thanks”

Shaun Hynes, Senior Project Manager

“Dennis is an excellent instructor who knows his P3M topics in depth. A very good teaching style that imparts all key points very well, backed up with a precise knowledge of the manuals”

Stephen Alexander

“I really enjoyed my time learning with David. He was very attentive to detail and happy to repeat himself if required. In the beginning it was hard to understand the language in the book, but I got through it with David’s help. It didn’t help that I was sick (along with four others) as it exacerbated my fear of failing the course. Come the day of the exam, David was very reassuring and went through the sample test paper thoroughly. I am very pleased to say that I managed to pass and happy I was able to have this opportunity. Thanks to David for an awesome course”

Meikura Arahanga, Regional Co-ordinator.

“Dennis was excellent – the best course of this type that I have attended because of his coaching style, in depth experience and motivation. Well prepared for exam and for using this in industry”

Alison Powell.

“Sarah Ross was a fantastic trainer. She was enthusiastic, energetic, easy to understand, caring and always noticed people’s body language, and anticipated needs. She was always positive, always available for questions and very clearly knows her subject extremely well. Sarah reads people very well and also has an excellent sense of humour. I highly recommend Sarah as a trainer and hope she is being paid high amounts as she is worth it”

Nicola Kiernander.

“David is great – thoughtful and thought provoking – uses real life examples to put context to what is being presented”

Maire Murray, Enterprise Portfolio Planning Manager.

“Dennis was fantastic, his knowledge of the course was exceptional and his teaching methods were 100% the reason for my own success. Absolutely no complaints re Dennis”

Glen Jenkins, Management Accountant.

“Sarah’s knowledge of the subject was outstanding. The speed of delivery was great. Overall, very impressed”

Barry Gibbs, Project Manager.

“Dennis was a brilliant presenter. I have no doubt that my very high mark was in no small part due to his ability”

Bruce Johnson, Careerforce.

“David is a fabulous presenter, good at articulating and examples and applying to a real life scenario”

Karen Morris, Programme Manager.