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Delegate Reviews

What our delegates are saying about us…….

for our Live Online/virtual classes…..

Sarah was great. She was very knowledgeable, personable, prepared and presented the information well.

Amanda Jenkins, Business Analyst. Managing Benefits. May 2021.

Sarah is an excellent trainer; personable, very competent, always accessible & day by day with exercises and analysis with her and the team, my confidence in the material and scheduled exams has hugely increased. Thoroughly enjoyable. Excellent all-round course. Really useful to start working through the study material some weeks prior to the course also with the team, hopefully to pass the exams scheduled. all material was relevant, interesting and easy to use. Zoom course approach also worked well as easy to understand the tutor and converse with the team throughout.

Steve Lee, Systems Integration PM, NZTA. PRINCE2 Agile. February 2021.

Sarah was great- highly recommend her!  Everything was great and I loved the zoom offering. I was able to learn from the comfort of my own office with my study things around and everyone had their dogs and it was just such a great learning environment and Sarah managed it all so well and kept us on track as we started to fade!

Deanna Begg, Business Case and Benefits Lead, Investment Management Office.  Better Business Cases. July 2020.

“Sarah was amazing. She took the time to get to know everyone so she could teach using examples that actually related to us. She accommodated all learning styles and was very flexible with how the course ran. She built our confidence over the week to ensure we were comfortable going into the exam. You can tell she is very passionate about her job as well as being caring and understanding towards her students.”

Sophie Bayliss, Programme Coordinator, Panuku, attended Change Management virtual class. May 2020

“This course was very well delivered, with good support from Scott & Oswin offering extra help. Well led by Oswin. Materials were great as they were very detailed and descriptive. Communication was all good and smooth.”

Project Manager. April 2020

This was my first on-line course and overall it was great. Scott was awesome with the IT support in getting my loan laptop up and running. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Oswin was very relaxed and his delivery of the course content was good. Great that he was always willing to take questions from the group. Jenny is really on to it and super helpful.

Senior Adviser delegate attended PRINCE2 virtual class.  April 2020.

“Good knowledge and understanding. Confident delivery and subject matter expertise. Generally very easy to understand with good: rhythm, volume, pitch and speed. Good control of group in an online format. “

NZDF delegate attended PRINCE2 virtual class.  April 2020.

 for our Live classes…..

Sarah Ross is one of the best facilitators I’ve had. There was a lot of content to cram in the time we had but Sarah did an excellent job of finding a way to help us understand and remember what we needed to learn. She had a tough crowd and was able to keep us all very engaged. I would definitely attend another course facilitated by her. Thanks for everything Sarah!

Delegate attended Change Management Live class. September 2020.

I am satisfied with the presenter (Oswin) and the way he delivered the course. All materials provided were appropriate. I am satisfied with the content of all material provided. I believe the course provided a good base for those ones with no experience on the field and also it was well balanced for those ones like me who have experience on Portfolio Management work.

Sandro Eakins-Veras, Portfolio Risks & Issues Manager, attended MoP Live class (with virtual attendees). August 2020.

“Oswin was a great presenter, adjusted content to what the attendees wanted to focus on, had examples from his international experience, and was able to answer 99% of our questions to clarify aspects of PRINCE2 without needing to look at the resources. We had a really great group, a mix of organisations and experience but with a mutual interest in projects. Having lunch out together on two days was a nice opportunity to chat and get to know each other more. I would recommend the course to others, it has left my motivated and wanting to apply PRINCE2 to work projects as soon as I have the opportunity”

Delegate attended PRINCE2 live class. February 2020

“David aimed the training at the right level for the audience, ran it at a flexible but good pace for the students. He has a wealth and breadth of experience and practical examples, but also allowed us the opportunity to discuss elements of the course using our own experiences.”

NZDF delegate attended Better Business Cases live class. March 2020

“Sarah was great! One of the best tutors I’ve had the opportunity of meeting. She paid attention to each student and made sure to answer all questions. As there had only been 4 students – she made sure to be as interactive as possible with us making it much easier to understand the concepts. She always provided relevant real life examples of the topics being taught and used our own work positions and working environments as an example to her explanations throughout teaching”

Darshni Moodley attended PRINCE2 live class. August 2019

“The trainer was amazing. Really vibrant and engaging and willing to go above and beyond. Fantastic at explaining concepts that were difficult to understand”

Kirsty Irvine, Aurora Energy, attended PRINCE2 live class. August 2019

“The trainer tailored her approach throughout the week to suit the majority of the people in the course which was very much appreciated. AMAZING trainer”

Siala Ah- Mu, attended PRINCE2 live class. August 2019

“Sarah was fantastic, she was energetic and engaging and really ensured that we were all part of the conversations and participated whilst understanding that we were all different in the way we learnt and interacted with others. Both Sarah and the other attendees really made this course enjoyable.”

August, 2019

“The presenter was very clear on what was needed to clear the exam vs. how you need to take that learning and apply it to the real world. The trainer shared examples from various industries across the globe and linked it to the aspects of the course. A well presented and well structured course delivery style”

Gagan Mittal, Portfolio Manager, attended MoP live class. June 2019.

“Frankly excellent. Sarah Ross presented with so much energy that it kept the momentum of learning going, even through the hard stuff. Without her instruction I don’t think I would have passed”

Matthew Bourne, Commercial and Marina Operations Coordinator, attended PRINCE2 training. February 2019.

“Sarah was excellent with her presentation, and delivery. She had a very good memory for detail and feedback from the team. She was clear in her explanation of the course material, using analogies, non-PRINCE2 wording to assist our understanding, without diverting away from the PRINCE2 model. We all passed, despite a lack of confidence in some, so that, in itself, speaks volumes about the quality of her tutoring. Many thanks”

Shaun Hynes, Senior Project Manager, attended PRINCE2 training.  June 2017.

“I really enjoyed my time learning with David. He was very attentive to detail and happy to repeat himself if required. In the beginning it was hard to understand the language in the book, but I got through it with David’s help. It didn’t help that I was sick (along with four others) as it exacerbated my fear of failing the course. Come the day of the exam, David was very reassuring and went through the sample test paper thoroughly. I am very pleased to say that I managed to pass and happy I was able to have this opportunity. Thanks to David for an awesome course”

Meikura Arahanga, Regional Co-ordinator, attended AgilePM training. June 2017.

“I want to thank Sarah from deepest my heart for the great job she did over the course of the week that the training sessions were running. This has led to me being successful in the exams. The credit for this success should go to Sarah whose dedication and love to see people success is second to none. I am, as are my classmates, very proud of having Sarah as our committed trainer”

Reza Jafarzadeh attended PRINCE2 training. February 2019

“Sarah Ross was a fantastic trainer. She was enthusiastic, energetic, easy to understand, caring and always noticed people’s body language, and anticipated needs. She was always positive, always available for questions and very clearly knows her subject extremely well. Sarah reads people very well and also has an excellent sense of humor. I highly recommend Sarah as a trainer and hope she is being paid high amounts as she is worth it”

Nicola Kiernander, attended PRINCE2 training.  June 2017.

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