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PeopleCert have decreed the following given the digital transformation in place globally – All exams will be computer based remotely invigilated individually by their staff (via their voucher system which uses the ExamShield app) and bundled at foundation level with the related guide in digital format (not print copy as we usually issue).

PeopleCert stress these changes will allow our facilitators to concentrate on the actual training, will standardize and protect the exam process for all, and will be a big saving on the environment both from a paper saving view and couriers!

  1. Can I still access a hard print guide? Yes, these will be available still from us but at additional cost to the training as the e-guide is a compulsory inclusion with PeopleCert at Foundation level. Any print copy can be issued immediately upon receipt of payment or official PO, the digital guide which will be ordered and issued direct 4 weeks before the course starts.
  2. What format will the e-guide be in? These will be provided by VitalSource and their platform for reading is “Bookshelf” which includes online and offline access, Read aloud technology, bookmarking, highlighting and note taking.
  3. What software will I need to read the digital guide? There will be no additional software needed for online reading. Offline reading will require installation of a Desktop or Mobile reading application. Both options will always be available for all candidates.
  4. Can I print out my e-guide for the Practitioner exam sitting? Yes, but only in part, as the provider restricts printing to 10% and only once. We suggest you access your digital guide on a separate device (in flight mode/offline) – currently allowed by PeopleCert for this sitting.
  5. Where can I access the ExamShield app required for the online exams? This is now available on the Microsoft store for windows users; MAC users may access through the PeopleCert delegate portal once voucher is allocated.
  6. What are the required specs for my device to use for the exam? Besides admin rights to download the ExamShield app, please follow these links for more information - Window users OR MAC users
  7. My IT department wants to know more about this app before they let me download, can I get more information? Yes, please see this link here
  8. Can I use my iPad or mobile device to sit the online exam? Not yet but PeopleCert are working on this.
  9. Can I still get extra time allowance for a computer based sitting for my disability or 2nd language sitting? We can apply to PeopleCert for this, yes.
  10. Why have course prices risen then with this move to digital, shouldn’t they be cheaper? Unfortunately, with the change in supplier of the guides now in digital, our cost has risen for each guide. Exams now require a PeopleCert proctor which includes a fee to us for each sitting, and exam costs have risen generally.

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  • Confident delivery and subject matter expertise
    Frankly excellent. Sarah Ross presented with so much energy that it kept the momentum of learning going, even through the hard stuff. Without her instruction I don't think I would have passed
    Matthew Bourne
    Commercial and Marina Operations Coordinator
  • Difficult concepts made easy
    The trainer was amazing. Really vibrant and engaging and willing to go above and beyond. Fantastic at explaining concepts that were difficult to understand
    Kirsty Irvine
    Aurora Energy

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