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E-learning allows people in their own time, place and pace to work within a framework and still structure it their way. Whereas, training invariably involves working within a collective framework and an imposed structure. Both follow an agreed syllabus with an agreed output.

Our e-learning packages are fully accredited to support eLearning/self-study/distance learning for a range of AXELOS & APMG Foundation and Practitioner level qualifications/exams. They aim to provide you with a straightforward route to become Foundation level accredited or a fully certified Practitioner in your own time and at your own speed.

 Products Available


  • PRINCE2®
  • PRINCE2 Agile®
  • MSP® – Managing Successful Programmes
  • MoP® –Management of Portfolios
  • P3O® – Portfolio, Programme Project Offices
  • MoR® – Management of Risk
  • Resilia®


  • APMG International Managing Benefits™
  • APMG International Better Business Cases™
  • APMG International Change Management™
  • AgilePM®

Please note that some of these products are available to be accessed online via the Moodle Mobile App (free to download), noting for best viewing use an Android tablet or iPad. Exceptions are PRINCE2 Agile, Resilia and AgilePM.

E-learning Flyer for New Zealand  |  E-learning Flyer for Australia

For information on how to book and what to expect after booking, please click here and scroll through the pages.

For information on using the vouchers for the online remotely supervised exams included in these packages, please click here.

PRIVATE CERTIFIED COURSES – Available in all of our products

Available in current situation as LIVE ONLINE – see link here to our web-page for more details

Effective Learning in Groups – Groups can be powerful environments to learn, evidence shows that the interaction between members of a group can improve learning and retention of that learning, plus bring the groups closer together improving productivity for any future projects or making life-long relationships. We have extensive experiences of the benefits and pitfalls of a team being trained as a group. We may suggest:

  •     Managers/leaders are trained separately
  •     The group is trained offsite (not on your premises)

Making the Learning Relevant – Projects vary in their breadth and topic of delivery. Using IT related examples may not suit a construction or development project team. There are many ways to make a training delivery relevant and topical. Depending on what the team is trying to achieve we can help you:

  •     Create team specific scenarios, or focus on one of our existing scenarios
  •     Introduce experts from outside the organisation to speak about their experiences
  •     Seek a trainer who have specific knowledge or experience

Here are some things that we believe will help improve the experience and ultimately the learning environment for your colleagues –

  •     Give them plenty of warning to do study – no one likes surprises!
  •     Don’t put undue pressure on the exams if any – work can be stressful enough
  •     Ensure that participation is voluntary – forcing staff to train will make the learning tough
  •     Supply a work free environment – schedule it against projects as ‘down time’ to avoid distractions.

Please note that for no extra cost we will dedicate 2 hours to customise the content for your private course, this might include using a case study that your colleagues are already familiar with or customising examples from our trainer’s own experience to suit your environment.

We offer a stress free experience for our clients with the use of ;
– an automated booking system which provides strong administration support so delegates are prepared and have support before, during and after our training. This is used for all forms of training, accredited and non-accredited, and allows for tailored delegate communication. Direct communication with our private course delegates may include confirmation emails, reminder emails, and issuing of post course evaluation forms.
– our Course Logistics checklist so all administration is taken care of in a timely manner; this is also tracked on the same booking system.


Available in current situation as LIVE ONLINE – see link here to our web-page for more details

Role Specific Learning – We recognise that not everyone desires nor requires an accredited certification. We offer workshops targeted to introduce technical topics in a non-technical way.  Sessions are interactive with participation enabling everyone to optimize their time investment. They can be tailored to suit your training needs and can run from 2 hours to 2 days.
• Project management fundamentals
• PRINCE2 overview
• Agile project management overview
• Better Business Case overview
• Portfolio, programme and project governance
• Programme governance with MSP
• Governance for optimising benefits realisation
• Team product delivery
• Stakeholder engagement
• Change management fundamentals
• Agile working practices
• Directing a PRINCE2 project
• Benefits management masterclass
• MSP overview

Please contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.


To assist new or existing project practitioners we offer a coaching, advising, assuring and general mentoring service to enhance product knowledge, process familiarisation, interpretation and/or presentation.

This service is informal and flexible allowing tailoring to suit local needs and time/budget availability.  Interaction is generally conducted remotely using available technology such as Skype or via phone, this assists in saving both time and traveling costs.

Upon arrangement, mentoring can occur directly in the host organisational situation through reviewing, auditing, and presentations to wider groups and generally health checking practice against what would be recommended common/best practices for a single practitioner or entire project team.

Download mentoring brochure here


Our Roadmap to Improvement workshop is one of several focused workshops that can be used to help an organisation develop its own ‘roadmap to improvement’ following project, programme & portolio management assessments, and improve its seven change areas of:
• Management Control
• Risk Management
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Financial Management
• Resource Management
• Organisational Governance
• Benefits Management

Download Roadmap to improvement workshop brochure here

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