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LearningPass.cc is a monthly subscription mobile-friendly website for learning. It is a growing library of microlearning topics suited for anybody involved in project management. You get access to all public learning topics. This learning helps fills the gap between standard accredited learning and practical application. All modules are a maximum of 15 minutes. Each module includes reference material eg; a video, multimedia article or online discussion, as well as contextualization learning content (about 400 words) and then between 3 and 5 knowledge check questions and most with a scenario or case study.

This learning library

  • is updated monthly with new learning modules
  • includes both experts, experiences, methods and lessons learned
  • is compatible with most learning management systems
  • can be customised to use your language, references and even staff interviews!

The monthly subscription fee is for individuals but we also offer customised versions of all learning modules for government departments, local governments, companies and not-for-profits. Contact us to access all this learning for your team.

Video interviews in these e-learning modules are with subject matter experts and experienced project managers. We interview authors of frequently cited publications such as Steve Jenner, author of Managing Benefits by the APMG; David Griffiths, project management trainer; Sarah Ross, change and project management trainer, Cate Crombie, communications trainer and Ruth Murray-Webster; Lead editor of Management of Risk 4.0 and Managing Successful Programs.

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Some free-to-access microlearning is available now!

Benefit focused projects Steve Jenner summarises the traditional version of outputs outcomes and benefits, then introduces the Victorian standard, looking at investment drivers, objectives and problems and looking at solutions as the last step. Turning benefits thinking on its head. In the end, focus on benefits, not the outputs!

Active Listening for Leaders We teamed up with Cate Crombie, an NVC trainer based in Brisbane, Australia. The premise for this learning is that you can better communicate if you can listen well. Cate takes us through the journey of learning about active/reflective listening. This learning video includes a simple 3 step process to improve how you communicate with those on your projects, family members and others around you. It includes examples and advice to apply within your workplace.

Conversations with Project Managers  This learning includes a 10-minute animation based on Dan Pink’s conversation about rewards and punishment in the workplace, why they do not work and what does — using the research results to show what improved performance. Furthermore, we expand the application of this learning to a project environment and offer ideas on how to get the most from project professionals. Ultimately this addresses the attempts to enhance project management performance.

Microlearning modules currently include:

  • Outputs, Outcomes and Benefits
  • Benefit Focused Projects
  • Benefit Delivery
  • Project Benefit Insights
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Non-financial Benefits
  • Project and Program Benefits
  • Project and Program Examples
  • Project Benefit Lifecycle
  • Project Benefit Governance
  • Benefits are Managed Beyond Projects
  • Management of Risk 4.0 (MoR4) Introduction
  • What to Expect in Management of Risk 4.0 (MoR4)
  • Portfolio Management Insights
  • Difficulty in Realising Benefits
  • Challenges in Managing Risk
  • Intelligent Risk Conversations
  • Building a Game Plan for Disruption
  • Active Listening for Leaders
  • Active Listening for Leaders Introduction
  • Feelings in the Workplace
  • Conversations with project managers
  • Controlling the conversation
  • How to challenge project managers
  • Roles and responsibilities for sponsors
  • Investment decisions
  • Governance; holding people to account
  • Choosing which project to invest in
  • Business case risks & disbenefits

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  • Confident delivery and subject matter expertise
    Frankly excellent. Sarah Ross presented with so much energy that it kept the momentum of learning going, even through the hard stuff. Without her instruction I don't think I would have passed
    Matthew Bourne
    Commercial and Marina Operations Coordinator
  • Difficult concepts made easy
    The trainer was amazing. Really vibrant and engaging and willing to go above and beyond. Fantastic at explaining concepts that were difficult to understand
    Kirsty Irvine
    Aurora Energy

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