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Week of Workshops – Fringe Festival events

The following is a list of events that are being run by various partners alongside the week of workshops – the idea is to pool marketing resources and create a broader interest by sparking social media and real-world event engagement. Some events will be networking, others will be simulations or membership gatherings. Take your pick! If you would like to include your event please let know!

Friday 23rd August

The Message simulation – demonstrates how a large number of people can self-organise to do creative work (software, design, bespoke manufacturing, … any knowledge work). It shows how we can scale Agile concepts from a team to a tribe without the heavy weight of certain popular frameworks.

If we can get 25-40 people registered, it will take place on Friday August 23rd, in Wellington city, venue TBA.

We are timing it to follow on from CCLearning’s Week Of Workshops, where we are running a workshop on The agile Manager (small a). 

Register for The Message simulation here PLEASE only register if you really are coming.

We will commit to hiring venue, and everybody will be taking a day to run the experiment. Commit to be there. See if you can bring a whole bunch of people! It works best with 40.

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