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Certified Local Change Agent


Any organisation with tough change challenges ahead needs boots on the ground … motivated, enthusiastic, persuasive employees who can lead the way and help others through the stresses and strains of transition.  They are your army of pathfinders, able to assess your organisation’s readiness for change and the severity of its impact. Ready to support colleagues and help people support each other.  And they can learn these vital skills through this APMG Certified Local Change Agent training and exam.

Anyone can be a Change Agent, no matter what level they are at in the organisation. You don’t have to have a formal role in change or delivering projects, you can be in any business area. Certified Local Change Agent is a two-day course that focuses on the wider impacts of organizational change and how to help people adapt and embrace changes to working practices or the operating environment.


You will:

  • Develop the knowledge, tools and understanding necessary to help colleagues, managers and teams to embrace and implement change successfully.
  • Provide effective support to colleagues during organizational change.
  • Support idea-generating activities such as the use of simple process-mapping techniques.
  • Develop local change plans which identify specific changes and how best to introduce them.
  • Mitigate resistance to organizational change.

Course materials

  • You will be taught using the latest adult learning techniques, with a trainer who will interpret the materials by using examples from a variety of industries and perspectives. The trainers for this course must already be a Change Management certification trainer so is a subject matter expert.
  • You will receive a course folder and official handbook.
  • A sample exam and pre-course reading will ensure you are ready for the first day of training and the exam.


  • Foundation exam – a 45 minute multiple choice open book examination with 40 questions (40 marks, 50% to pass), only official handbook allowed.


Change Management Foundation Level – Note this certification has just one level

The CLCA qualification is a highly practical course, full of useful examples, and tools and techniques that can easily be applied in any change situation, at any level in the organisation.

Training runs for 2 full days and includes a work folder and the official guide, the exam fee, full catering (on public courses) and an e-certificate. Options available may include our exam guarantee, supporting publications, but note no hard copy certificate is available for this product. Please note that there is preparatory work required prior to this course and evening homework on the first day.  This certificate does not expire.

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